Online payments: QuikPAY FAQ

QuikPAY is Landmark College's new online payment system that allows students, authorized payers, and guest payers to securely make deposit and tuition payments as well as add value to Student ID cards using an e-check, debit or credit card. Student ID cards may be used to make purchases in the bookstore, café, and on vending machines. Students and authorized payers, like parents who are setup by students, receive tuition billing notification via e-mail and may view the bill and payment history as well as make payments on-line. Authorized payers are only able to view their payment history. For tuition and deposit payments, payers may use e-checks or Visa, American Express, Discover, or MasterCard credit or debit card. For deposit and tuition payments by credit or debit card, a 2.70% service fee will be charged to the payer’s credit or debit card. For payment by e-check, no service fee is charged. Please note that payments may take up to 24 hours to be posted to the payer’s account.
QuikPAY is available to all new and current students at Landmark College as well as authorized payers set up by students, and guest payers. In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), only students are permitted to set up authorized payers and to provide access to billing information and payment history.
Current students who have Landmark College Intranet portal accounts (provided during Student Orientation) log in through their portal at and select “QuikPAY” from Intranet Tools navigation. Authorized and guest payers access QuikPAY through Landmark College’s web site at Authorized users may also login directly on the QuikPAY web site at
By setting up an authorized payer, the student:
  • Is allowing the authorized payer to view the student's online bill, the authorized payer’s payment history, and make a payment on the student's behalf.
  • Needs to be aware that the authorized payer will be able to see all facets of the billing statement, including (but not limited to) all individual charges, the Student ID number and the student's address.
  • Must notify that payer of the unique username and temporary password the authorized payer will use to access the student's account information (the College and QuikPAY cannot provide account information to authorized payers). Authorized payers must change their password at initial login. The student has sole responsibility for setting up and providing the authorized payer with their own username and temporary password account.
Follow the instructions to select payment type and then enter the appropriate account and amount information. QuikPAY will provide you with a payment confirmation number and, for students and authorized payers, an e-mail notification stating that the tuition or deposit payment was received. Remember to submit the tuition and deposit payments at least a few days prior to the payment deadline.
When a student makes a payment via QuikPAY, the information is transmitted using the industry standard for encryption, Secured Socket Layer (SSL), which is highly secure.
No, all bills are done electronically.
Yes, for deposits and tuition payments, a 2.70% service fee will be charged to the payer’s credit or debit card.
No, there is no fee for an e-check payment.
On-line payments made between 5:01 pm EST current day and 5:00 pm EST the next day are posted to your account on the next business day after 5:00 pm EST.
The QuikPAY web billing statement will not change as payments are made. The web billing statement is, in essence, a snapshot of the Landmark student account on a particular day; the information will not change until the next billing snapshot is sent to QuikPAY by Landmark. Refer to the web billing statement to see the statement activity "as of…" date; this will let you know the last entry date for any activity reflected on the web billing statement. If you would like a more recent copy of your billing activity, contact Landmark Billing Office at (802) 387-6845
When a student is no longer a student at Landmark College, access to QuikPAY is automatically cancelled for both that student and all authorized payers.
Students can remove an authorized payer at their discretion at any time. By doing so, the authorized payer will no longer have access to the student's QuikPAY account.
On the QuikPAY home page, find the line that says "To access your QuikPAY account, click here". Click on that link. On the left-hand menu, find "Make Payment", click that link. Find the field that says "Campus Card", and on the right, click on "Pay". Enter the amount you want to put on your card, and select the appropriate payment method. Click "Continue". On the resulting confirmation page, click "Confirm", "Edit", or "Cancel" as appropriate.
If you have forgotten your username and/or password, contact the Landmark Help Desk at (802)-387-6800. The Landmark Help Desk can only assist students with username or password information. If an "authorized payer" has forgotten his/her username or password, s/he will need to contact the student directly. The student holds sole responsibility for the maintenance of an authorized payer's status.

If you have general questions about your statement call Student Accounts at 802-387-6845. If you have questions regarding financial aid on the statement please call our financial aid office at 802-387-7179